Welcome to the website of M. Themans & Co bv, broker in vegetable oils and fats


M. Themans & Co bv has been operating as a broker since 1885. Whereas in the past we used to act as an intermediary for crude vegetable oil, Themans now specializes in refined oils such as palm oil, rapeseed oil, soy bean oil, and sunflower oil, all of which are used mainly in the food industry.


To act as an intermediary, assisting with and monitoring transactions in vegetable oils and fats between refineries and processing companies. In so doing, Themans & Co aims to achieve a smooth and efficient process at low cost and with a maximum return.


Themans occupies a position as an essential link in the vegetable oil industry. Operating independently allows us to offer the best deals, assistance and monitoring to our customers.


Through our customer-focused approach Themans aims to provide continuously improving satisfaction for our business partners, as well as a long-term collaboration with our customers and suppliers which offers mutual advantages.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is produced by pressing copra, the flesh of the coconut.<br />
The nuts are harvested from the coconut palm, which flourishes in the tropics.
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