Themans & Co’s history

Since April 1885, Themans & Co has operated in the edible oils and fats market.

In those days it dealt mainly with crude vegetable oils and linseed oil.

Our office was located in Rotterdam at the Coolsingel, as this was in close proximity to the grain exchange where most of the trade took place. Every Monday, Themans & Co attended the exchange; this is where people met, agreed on prices and traded in the customary fashion of that time. Later on Themans & Co specialised in the brokerage of refined vegetable oils and fats. It became apparent that supplying the margarine industry and the industry of raw materials for bakeries offered opportunities for Themans & Co.

In the sixties the office moved to the Westblaak in Rotterdam. The brokerage expanded into acting as an intermediary for producers of chocolate, calf milk and animal feed. The trade had started to change by then. New means of communication such as telex, fax and later on email, reduced the importance of the grain exchange. Having our office in Rotterdam was no longer essential, and, since all of our employees lived elsewhere, Themans & Co moved to Zwijndrecht.

During the seventies we further expanded our activities into the potato industry, which includes fries and potato-based snacks. Producers of fried onions and onion rings also became important buyers of vegetable oil.

For reasons of practicality and accessibility, we transferred our office to its current location in Dordrecht.

It is wonderful to reflect on how, throughout the years, Themans & Co has established great mutual trust, which has led to an extended network. Themans & Co is proud of the many customers it has been able to number among its clients for several decades.

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