M. Themans & Co B.V. provides the following services:

  • being familiar with and informative about listings and market prices;
  • following trends and developments in the market;
  • advising and mediating during the purchasing process;
  • assisting with and monitoring contracts;
  • arranging call-off orders and amendments where necessary;
  • providing security for production needs;
  • looking for tailor-made solutions;
  • acting independently.


To act as an intermediary, assisting with and monitoring transactions in vegetable oils and fats between refineries and processing companies. In so doing, Themans & Co aims to achieve a smooth and efficient process at low cost and with a maximum return.

Collaborating with Themans & Co will have the following advantages:

  • You will need only a single contact for all transactions, from purchasing to logistics.
  • By operating independently Themans & Co is able to negotiate the best conditions and contracts with your suppliers.
  • There is normally no charge to the buyer for Themans & Co’s mediation (though exceptions are possible).
Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm. On average 20 tonnes per hectare per year are harvested on a plantation, which yield 5 tonnes of palm oil.
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